A Team of Passionate Designers.

We are a bunch of designers, website developers and marketers from different walks of life, coming together to help businesses and individuals put their best foot forward.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

Designing a gorgeous product is all well and good, but an additional step forgotten by many is, does it work as intended? Here at Waterbird, we’ve got that covered too.

Our Story

We started Waterbird at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, surrounded by chaos and most of the team working full-time jobs, some as NHS frontliners. Waterbird grew from being a reminder of better times admiring birds by the sea, to a full fledged force for good (design), empowering people to grow their business.

Our Work Process

We want to be like a parrot on your shoulder, if you were a pirate; a no-fuss and helpful companion. Irrespective of size, all our projects follow three key steps:


We find out what the best in your industry are up to, and what we can do to help you put your best foot forward. 


We come up with research-backed designs to attract your intended audience, with your regular input.


We work day and night to strike the perfect balance between design and functionality with the best industry tools.

Quality Not Quantity Ethos

We see our clients as our investors, so if you decide to work with us, we want to give you our full attention. Therefore, we intentionally take up only a limited number of projects at a time, to ensure that the quality you receive is never compromised.